October 13, Storage and Government Surplus auction- Inventory to be listed in the future

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             SATURDAY OCTOBER 13, at 11:00 A.M.


at A-Z Moving & Storage-380 Union St. W. Springfield, MA (follow auction signs)


Furniture: Living, dining room, & bedroom sets, tables, chairs & more


Accessories: Porcelain, glass, appliances, televisions, many storage rooms & pallet lots


 TERMS: 10% premium. CASH OR CHECK-INSPECTION: 10:00 A.M








October 6, at 12:00 Noon  AT THE POLISH CLUB, Rte 57, AGAWAM MA


(Take Rte 57 to the end, bear right 2 lights, left 3/10 mile)


Estates are from: Wilbraham, Agawam, Westfield, and Enfield CT & partial contents of a


movie theater




ACCESSORIES: Jewelry: Diamond cocktail ring-2 carats w/16 emerald baguettes


14 k white gold cocktail ring with 8 diamonds approximately 1+carat, 14k with 14


diamonds, Tiffany & Co. 925 chain & bar charm bracelet, Tiffany & Co. 925/750 bracelet,


heavy sterling link bracelet and ring, 18 k  man’s ring, setting center is missing with 10


diamond chips,  bag of scrap 14 k Italy gold, (2) 925 bracelets, (3) sterling  bracelets,


14 k ring with amethyst, 18 k ring with 1 carat & 10 small diamonds, 18 k ring with


diamond and 10 baguetts, 18 k ring with 1/2 caraat diamond, 10 k class ring,  14 k


medals, 14 k link bracelet, 14 k opal ring with 4 diamonds, 10 k hoop earrings, (2) pieces


12 k Van Dell pins, bags w/ sterling and gold,  vintage and antique costume 


A large vintage collection of toy trucks, cars, airplanes,  tractors, and Steiff


animals:  (the entire collection is early – mid 20th century consisting of 125 pieces), cast


iron steam fire engine with (4) horses, cast iron and aluminum  toy trucks, cars, etc.


signed Hubley, Champion, Barclay, Tootsie, Wyandotte, Matchbox Lesney, Steiff animals:


(2) “Leo the Lion” with tag (one large and one small), “Robby” the seal, “Peggy” the


penguin, small tiger with label, elephant with tag, small deer with tag, “Snucki” small ram


with tag, “Renny” the reindeer, tiger, lion, donkey, otter, (2) giraffes, small pig, monkey,


ram, fox, camel, zebra, walrus,  Toys: Marx wind up tiger-growls, (2) sets of cast iron


toys, 14 cast iron trucks, St. Ives #9 wind up cast iron train, Bing cast iron wind up


locomotive, Lionel cast iron locomotive and coal car, Pair of 19th century porcelain clocks-


Made in France, Cherry cased Vienna Regulator wall clock with all original works and face,


oak cased Regulator clock- Ansonia, 1888, vintage serving set for (9) signed Noritake, (4)


cobalt blue cordials with decanter late 19th century, Depression, cut and pressed glass,


box of pewter “Wizards”, James Lang, Sebastian miniature, “3 man boat in Boston Public


Garden", doll collection 1920-1960 including Barbies in original case with clothes.


40 pieces of vintage Pyrex many colored and one set in original box, Minton tiles,


antique Blue Willow plates, antique pins, antique oriental book end chalk figures,


cast iron antique cat door stop, vintage wales tooth with scrimshaw, WW ll Jappanese


helmet, antique and vintage buttons-(3 full cans), metal beer cooler circa 1950 w/label,


Victorian beaded purses, American Indian vintage pottery bowl, Roosvelt 1912 campaign


flag(original), (4) Japanese silk piano scarfs circa 1920, large amount of antique and


vintage buttons, collection of (10) Royal Doulton mugs & figurines, Vintage War Games:


Shenandoh, Civel War, Midway, Blitzkreg, Jutland, Victory in Pacific, Waterloo, antique and


vintage (75) bells collection, vintage cigarette lighters, early 20th century surveyors


instruments -transit and transit Theodolites, antique estate oriental rugs- area & room size


PAINTINGS: Unsigned floral oil on canvas gold gilt frame, Floral still life signed Pruttin,


gold gilt frame, oil on board signed W. Adam floral still life w/gold gilt frame, floral sill life


signed Stemple, acrylic on board of a B9 airplane signed H. Hargrove, BOOKS: State


quarters, Uncle Wiggley, 1936 flood, History of West Springfield, book of sketches for a


young America, (11) other vintage books, Estate Coins: 1884, 1885 Morgan silver


dollars, 1924, 1925 silver dollars, (24) Kennedy 1/2 dollars, (12) standing liberty 1/2


dollars, (210) buffallo nickels, (25) F.D.R. dimes, (75) Mercury dimes, 1853, 1877, 1876,


1888, sitting liberty quarters, 1878 Indian head penny, (23) Indian head pennies-1885-


1909, 1838, 1851, 1852, & 1847, 1840 large cents, 1941 & 1944 Walking Liberty halfs,


1899 Black Eagle dollar, 1851, 1852 three cent, 1841, 1843 half dimes, Civil War tokens,


1923 lqarge one silver dollar note, 1809 half cent,  1923 Large one silver dollar note, 


ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTERS & FILM-1960-1970: Film- 35 original film features: 


 Every Which Way but Loose, American Graffiti, PP Stryker, Dutchess and Dirt


Water, National Lampoon, The Shining, Hidenburg Bambi Meets Godzila & more Posters:


Bullet, Caligula, Where Time Ran Out, Killer Elite,  Herbie goes Bananas, Vigilante Force,


Death Ship, Human Factor, & more plus still  movie set photos, original press guides


LIONEL RAILROAD COLLECTION -80 PIECES -1946-1952: Girder & Bascule bridges,


whistle shack, coal elevator, Lionel Lines crane, station platform, automatic milk car,


milk car platform, newstand with wistle, operating watchmman, auto block control signal,


magnetic crane, steam 2-6-2 2466T/2466 w/ tender, 6-8-6 202 OW tender, Lionel Lines


stock car, Pennsylvania box car, Pennsrlvania gondola, operating log dump car, operating


coal dump car, Lionel SP-type caboose, Lehigh Valley short hopper, enameled red,


Bucyruse crane,-black cab, DL&W work caboose, with light, Sunoco2-D tank car,


Gas/Sunoco/oils indiamond, Union Pacific Alco AA units-horn, red with plastic stack, PRR


caboose, metal -white lettering, 110 watts transformer, 90 watts transformer, 250 watts


transformer, 210 watts transformer, plus additional cars, transformers, cabooses, and


passanger locomaotives and cars- THE ENTIRE COLLECTION TO BE SOLD AS ONE LOT


FURNITURE: Mid 19th century: oak side by side with carved backsplash, oak, walnut,


cherry marble top lamp tables, oak round dining table with claw feet, 2/2 oak dresser with


beveled mirror, camelback sofa with original fabric, black walnut love seat with original


fabric, side chair with original fabric and footstool, small needlepoint foot stool, pair of


matching side chairs, oak 2/2 dresser with beveled mirror and backsplash, Eastlake


marble top lamp tables, small upholosered foot stool w/ cage bottom, china cabinet, fruit


carved camelback sofa with original fabric, Rosewood carved chair, Hitchcock chair, (3)


drawer black walnut marble top with carved pulled mirror, and much more





(413) 789-1284  TERMS: 10% Buyer’s Premium. CASH OR CHECK


INSPECTION: 10:00 AM, Day of Sale



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Diamond Cocktail Ring -2 Carats approximate w/16 Emerald Baguettes. 14 k
14k White Gold Cocktail Ring with 8 Diamonds Approximately 1+carat,
Cherry Cased Vienna Regulator Wall Clock with Original Works and Face
18 K Ring, with 1 Carat , 10 Small Diamonds
Antique Cast Iron Steam Fire Engine #1 with Driver
Oak Side by Side Circa 1870
, Steiff Sterling Silver(Rose Pattern) Candy Bowl circa 1890, Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Candy Bowl
Antique Country Store NO. 9, Coffee Grinder-"Enterprise 1888"
14 K with 14 Diamonds
Vintage Cast Iron Hubley Trucks
Black Eagle Silver Certificate
Antique Coffee Grinder, Enterprise-1888
Part of the Steiff Collection
Early 20th Century Wales Tooth W/ Scrimshaw
WW ll Japanese Helmet
Vintage Cast Iron Airplanes-Hubley
Antique Cherry Cased Ansonia Calendar Clock
Antique Porcelain Doll Head
Antique Glass Ink Well Circa 1900
Vintage Advertising Light
Tiffany & Co. 925 Chain & Bar Charm Bracelet,
Vintage Matchbox Lesney Vehicles in Original Case
Part Of the Vintage Pyrex Collection
Mid 19th Century Axes
Vintage Champion Cast Iron Trucks
Antique Oak Dining Table With Leafs
18 k Man’s Ring, Setting Center is Missing with 10 Diamond Chips
Antique French Brass and Porcelain Clock
(17) Vintage Pez Dispensers
Antique Blue Willow Large Serving Plate
Pre War Ives Cast Iron Locomotive
Part Of the Vintage Pyrex Collection
Antique Staffordshire Dogs
Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry
Vintage Wind Up Marx Toy Lion
1912 Roosevelt Campaign Battle Flag- Original
Antique Marble Top Lamp Tables
Bing, & Lionel Locomotives with Coal car and Caboose
Mid 19th Century Marble Top Chest
Vintage Dolls
Antique Minton Tile
Vintage Cast Iron Airplanes-Wyandotte
Mid -19th Century Brass Lamp Tables
Barbie Dolls With Original Case and Accessories Dated 1968
Antique Blue Willow Plates
Late 19th Century Sofa with Original Fabric- Mint
Austin Cast Iron Toy Cars and Carriers
Early 19th Century Country Store Chocolate Mold
Vintage Tractor
Early 19th Century Cherry Lamp Table
Vintage Tootsie Cast Iron Trucks
Morgan Silver Dollars
Vintage American Indian Pottery Bowl
Vintage Cast Iron Airplanes-Wyandotte
Vintage Sterling Silver Bracelet Signed "Lang"
Antique Steel Engraving
Lionel Model Railroad Collection 1946-1952
Assorted Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Vehicles
Silk Japanese Piano Scarf-Circa 1920
Royal Doulton Miniature Mugs
Vintage Games
Part Of the Lionel Model Railroad Collection
Part of the 75 Antique and Vintage Bells Collection
Vintage Cast Iron Plane
Japanese Silk Piano Scarf Circa 1920
Royal Doulton Items
Estate Coins
14 k Ring W/ Amethyst
Original Feature Films -1960-70
Part Of the Lionel Model Railroad Collection
Silver Certificate Bill

Where to Find Us:

127 Valentine St

Agawam, MA 01001

Phone: 413 789-1284

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